• Dr. Ashley Hilton

ashley hiltonDr. Ashley Hilton has been training under Dr H since 2015. He is a dual qualified doctor and dentist, pursuing a career in the very exciting field of Maxillofacial surgery, which involves reconstructions of the face and mouth. Dr. Hilton attained his medical degree from Cardiff University and his dental degree from King’s College London, ranked 1st in the world for dentistry.

Dr. Hilton’s combination of knowledge & skills allowed him the unique opportunity to train at Dr H Consult in the most cutting edge laser treatments available today. These innovative laser treatments provide what are undeniably the best results in areas such as skin rejuvenation and scar/acne scar remodelling. Alongside Dr H, he is one of very few people in the world today who is able to provide fully ablative CO2 laser resurfacing.

He has now undertaken over 100 cases of a combination of fractional & fully ablative CO2, as well as other treatments such as; Halo; Vascular lesions; Mole/Wart removal and scar remodelling. Dr. Hilton as been taught from the ground up in accordance with the Dr H philosophy. Dr H has passed on his techniques to allow him to deliver the same high quality, high impact results.

Dr. Hilton has a very calm, confident and friendly demeanour, which very quickly puts his patients at ease during treatments. He is also fluent in both French and Spanish.


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