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Laser skin resurfacing is a highly effective way of improving skin tone and texture, while also reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Often used to treat warts, acne scars and a variety of other stubborn skin-based issues, the procedure is also a highly popular way of renewing facial skin and improving elasticity, helping keep any feelings[…]

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This lady has also been treated with a fully ablative CO2 resurfacing procedure by Dr Hussein. The rejuvenation capability of this treatment is outstanding. The photos make this immediately obvious. Look carefully at the eye area. Dr Hussein included eyelids in this treatment as well. Look at the degree of tightening and wrinkle reduction around the eyes.

Skin care and medical treatments to address specific skin concerns are becoming ever more sophisticated. There’s now an array of non-invasive procedures available to deal with a wide range of skin issues – from sun damage and wrinkles to hyperpigmentation, acne scars and more. Whether you have a dermatological condition that needs attention or you[…]

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Laser resurfacing skin treatment is a range of specialist procedures performed to improve skin texture and appearance. It is most effective on facial areas and can achieve outstanding permanent results. Dr Asif Hussein is a leading laser surgeon and cosmetic dermatologist with a wealth of experience in this niche. If you are looking for advanced[…]

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