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Dear patient,

Thank you for your recent consultation with DrH. We are pleased to be assisting you in the management of your acne scarring.

As part of your treatment DrH has recommended you undergo Taylor Liberator Subcision.

Taylor Liberator Subcision is recommended for the release of tethered acne scars. Tethered acne scars have a component of fibrotic tissue that sticks the skin to the layer of tissue below. In order to release this a Taylor Liberator probe is used.

Taylor Liberator is a safe and evidence based subcision technique that has been validated in numerous medical studies. This is why DrH offers it as a procedure. Subcision is a well documented procedure in acne scar management and Taylor Liberator is a type of tool used to subcase the skin. Other tools include Nokor Needles, Blunt Cannulas and Hypodermic needles. In a recent comprehensive comparative study of various subcision tools and methodologies – Taylor Liberator was highlighted as one of the more effective and safer methodologies used.

The link to the full text of this publication can be found below:


DrH encourages you to read this prior to your procedure. It shows why as a centre of excellence for acne scar management we opt for evidence based procedures that have shown greater efficacy.

DrH has been performing the Taylor Liberator Procedure for the last 8 years. However a comment on a Taylor Liberator post made on social media in September 2022 triggered a scare regarding ligament rupture and facial sagging. This lead to an influx of patients who were concerned. DrH reviewed all these patients and performed Ultrasound and High Resolution MRI scanning in all cases. All patients were shown to have no ligament rupture. Indeed the scan reports of these patients are normal post Taylor Liberator and the summaries of the scar reports are available on the website. Please click the link below to read the information regarding this.

Taylor Liberator Report – Summary of Investigation Findings

It is a great shame that the inaccurate comments of an anonymous individual triggered this scare amongst patients. It is however understandable. This is why DrH has thoroughly investigated the matter and performed extensive investigation into the matter.

The actions of the ‘Taylor Liberator Support Group’ have specifically targeted DrH and sought to undermine his practice.
DrH encourages you to read the information and watch the lecture on Taylor Liberator Subcision to understand the procedure fully. The link below will take you to this information:

Taylor Liberator Subcision

Please remember the information given at consultation and the information highlighted in the links in this pre-reading will help you come to an informed decision for your Taylor Liberator procedure.

The net outcome of this investigation is that the released cheek contour will make the cheek look more full following subcision. This is not due to swelling but due to release of tethered scarred skin which is the purpose of this procedure. If you feel that this type of change (see photos below) is something that will make you feel worse about your appearance then we encourage you to reconsider proceeding with Taylor Liberator Subcision. Please be aware we expect this change in shape of the cheek to occur as a natural consequence of scar release. It is not swelling. It is released skin.


DrH does not force or incentivise patients to have acne scar surgery. He specialises in surgical management of acne scarring. He seeks to give all of his patients as much information as possible with which to make an informed choice regarding surgery.

A patient should understand that acne scar management is not cosmetic surgery. It is reconstructive surgery performed to improve permanent pathological scarring. These procedures are performed in good faith by DrH.

Patients decide to proceed with these procedures on a well informed and entirely voluntary basis.

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