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    Acne Scarring

This video illustrates how I use subcision under tumescent local anaesthetic to release tethered acne scars.

In this video I am demonstrating the equipment used to subcise the acne scars.

In this lecture I talk about the techniques I use in conjunction with laser to manage patients with acne scarring. I talk about the various different types of scarring and how they are managed.

In this video I am performing fully ablative CO2 in order to improve the appearance of boxcar scarring. Note the contraction of tissue caused by the 2nd pass of the CO2 laser over the skin.

In this video I demonstrate how I prepare the cheek with tumescent local anaesthetic prior to performing a subcision procedure.

In this video I am performing fractional laser resurfacing with a CO2 laser. This helps to generate new collagen in atrophic scars thus improving their appearance.

In this lecture I go into a little more depth about the mechanics of how lasers are used to improve scarring.