• Potential Complications

    Age Spots / Liver Spots / Lentigos

Transient darkening (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) of the treated area can occur in some cases. This is more likely in darker skins (e.g. Asian, Oriental). It may initially appear that treatment has been unsuccessful but this is not actually the case. This type of darkening is transient and unlike a solar lentigo it will lighten over the course of a few weeks. Dr Hussein may even prescribe a cream to speed this process up.

Occasionally a blister may form. This type of blistering is due to separation of the outer layer of skin from the deeper layer of skin. It is not harmful and should heal without scarring.

Demarcation can occur. This is because the skin which forms in the treated area is new. It may be slightly lighter than the surrounding skin. If the patient also has many freckles it is important to note that this patch of new skin may be freckle free and this may be noticeable.

Side effects like scarring and permanent hypopigmentation are extremely rare in this kind of treatment as Dr Hussein is and experienced laser surgeon.