• Treatment Photos

    Dermal Fillers (Hyaluronic Acid gel fillers)

This lady has had a perioral filler treatment with Dr Hussein. Here one can see restoration of lip definition and contour. The philtral columns (cupid bow area) have been redefined. Lip volume has also been restored. Finally Dr Hussein has treated the skin around the mouth with 27G cannula subcision and Juvederm volbella to help minimise smokers lines/barcode lines.
Dr Hussein has performed a mid face augmentation and tear trough filler treatment to restore the under eye hollowing. These changes can be encountered at a relatively young age and result in a tired look. Correction with dermal filler is very natural and gets rid of this tired look. To achieve this Dr Hussein used two vials of Juvederm voluma and a single vial of Juvederm volift.
Dr Hussein has performed a tear trough correction here using deep periosteal injection of Juvederm Voluma. Juvederm volift was then used to complete the tear trough treatment. As you can see the results are life changing. The procedure is quite straight forward in the hands of an experienced professional.
Here is a lip augmentation procedure that has been performed by Dr Hussein in order to enhance volume and definition.
This lady has had a subtle jawline enhancement with dermal filler. This was done to help disguise jowls. There is a video of this procedure being carried out by Dr Hussein in the videos and teaching section.
This lady did not wish to have fully ablative laser resurfacing for the treatment of her cheek lines. She was unable to take a week off work. This would have been Dr Hussein’s first choice treatment. However she agreed to treatment with dermal fillers and Dr Hussein achieved this result with two vials of Juvederm volift injected in the superficial subcutaneous plane with a 25G cannula.