• Treatment Photos

    Facial Veins & Spider Naevi

This patient had quite extreme facial thread veins. The kind that come about from a lifetime spent is the hot sun of the southern hemisphere. Now Dr hussein usually prides himself in treating facial veins quickly and efficiently with laser. Typically most cases require a single treatment. This case however required two treatments with the long pulsed NdYAG laser. There is a video of this case being performed by Dr Hussein in the video section.
This lady had multiple broken veins over the cheek. Dr Hussein treated this with a combination of long pulsed NdYAG and KTP laser. The reduction seen was achieved in one session. These are particularly challenging cases but most cases can be treated in one session. Dr Hussein can achieve these results quickly and efficiently because he uses vascular lasers and not IPL. IPL requires multiple sessions and may still fail to clear these veins.