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What are Milia?

Milia is the term given to small keratin filled cysts. Milium is the latin word for ‘seed’. I often say that milia resemble small seeds under the skin surface. Sometimes people mistake milia for pustules or whiteheads. Repetitive squeezing will not remove them and is more likely to traumatise the skin. The photo below illustrates what milia look like.



There are different ways to treat milia. In clinic our nurses will often use simple techniques such as simple needle extraction. Sometimes patients will be referred to the Doctor. This is usually if there are multiple milia and also if the milia are found in more delicate areas of skin such as around the eyes.

Dr Hussein can use techniques such as low power hyfrecation to extract milia. This is a device that causes dessication (drying and splitting of the overlying skin) and the keratin plug can be extracted if necessary. Dr Hussein has included a video in this section to demonstrate this technique.


Although Milia are usually removed quickly and simply with minimal trauma to the skin. There is a small risk of pitted scarring and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (dark spots). It is unusual to develop infection after this procedure but it is technically possible.


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