• Introduction

    Cosmetic Mole Removal

Safety is paramount. This is something that needs to be performed by someone who has the ability to distinguish between a mole that benign and safe to remove cosmetically and a mole that is potentially dangerous.

Melanoma is one of the most rapidly advancing and dangerous types of cancer that can arise form moles. If a mole looks suspicious it should be excised (removed completely with a margin of skin) and the wound should be closed with stitches. It should then be sent for histological (under the microscope) analysis.

Dr Hussein uses a technique called dermoscopy to look at moles. This is special type of device that uses high magnification and cross polarised light to allow detailed viewing of skin lesions such as moles. It is a technique that has enhanced the ability of dermatologists to determine whether or not a mole is safe or requires further attention.

Dr Hussein will assess any mole that is to be removed and will give clients all possible options for cosmetic removal. If a mole is found to look suspicious then you will be referred via the NHS two-week rule pathway. This is sk:n policy for any lesion that is suspicious for malignancy.