• Treatment Photos

    Cosmetic Mole Removal

This lady has has laser removal of a mole on her chin. Dr Hussein used the erbium YAG laser to perform this. A video of this case being performed can be seen in the video section. These sequential photos show the healing stages 1 month and 3 months after treatment. As you can see with this type of laser treatment scarring is minimal.
Dr Hussein can use laser to treat moles in cosmetically sensitive areas on the face. His expertise allows for minimal scarring and great results on tricky areas such as the nose.
Here Dr Hussein has removed a mole on the back of the neck quickly and efficiently with erbium YAG laser.
This gentleman had a mole on a very conspicuous area. He found it a cosmetic nuisance to say the least. Surgical options came with concerns for quite visible scarring. Here Dr Hussein’s expertise with Erbium YAG mole removal allowed for removal of this large mole and a speedy recovery with minimal scarring.