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Dr H Consult – Intro Video

Injection and Reconstitution of Toxin

Xanthelasma Removal

Ablative Laser Resurfacing – Rejuvenation

Ablative CO2 Laser Resurfacing | Acne Scarring

Keloid Scar – Before & After

Venous Lake

Acne Scarring – Subcision 1

Acne Scarring – Subcision 2

Lasers in Scarring

CO2 Fully Ablative Acne

Tumescent Cheek

Fractional Scar

Acne Scarring – Laser Resurfacing

Solar Lentigo

Dermal Fillers – Jawline

Dermal Fillers – Cheek

Hyalase Tutorial pt.1

Hyalase Tutorial pt.2

Hyalase Tutorial pt.3

Dermal Fillers – Aspiration Tutorial

Dermal Fillers – Temporal Fossa Full

Dermal Fillers – Tear Trough

Facial Thread Veins 1

Facial Thread Veins 2

Eyelid CO2 Tightening – Eyeshield Insertion

Eyelid CO2 Tightening – Both Eyelids

Eyelid CO2 Tightening – Lower Eyelid

Eyelid CO2 Tightening – Upper Eyelid

Leg Thread Vein – Laser Treatment


Leg Thread Vein Treatment

Milia Hyfrecation

Mole Removal – the back

Mole Removal – the chin

Mole Removal – the ear

Seborrheic Keratoses 1

Seborrheic Keratoses 2

Lipoma Removal

Sebacous Cyst

Cherry Angioma 1

Cherry Angioma 2

Wart Removal Surgery

Wart Removal – YAG Laser

Finger Wart Laser Removal

Foot Wart Laser Removal

Eyeshield Insertion

Laser Xanthelasma

Punch Excision – Part 1

Punch Excision – Part 2

Sciton Halo & Micropeel – Part 1

Sciton Halo & Micropeel – Part 2

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