• Spider Naevus & Cherry Angiomas


Spider Naevus

Photos illustrating typical appearance of spider naevi.

These are small dilated blood vessels under the skin surface that look like a little central red dot with radiating little red vessels. Hence the name spider naevus or spider angioma. They can be treated in the same way as any other spider vein. Please look at the photo and video sections to see what a spider naevus looks like. If you have any of these lesions Dr Hussein can get rid of them with his vascular lasers in a single session.

Treatment for these lesions is the same as treatment for facial thread veins. Please look at the facial veins part of this website to find out more about this type of treatment and costs. For most cases treatment of spider naevi is usually classed under very minor area or minor area for cost purposes.

Cherry Angiomas

Photos illustrating typical appearance of cherry angioma.

These are benign blood vessel tumors that look like bright red moles. Very often when multiple in nature they can become a cosmetic nuisance. They are very easy to remove and this can be accomplished by Dr Hussein in a single treatment session. Please see the photo below to see what a cherry angioma looks like. Please see the pictures below to understand what cherry angiomas look like. Please watch the video in the video section to see how Dr Hussein uses laser to treat these lesions. Pricing will be classed as very minor area, minor area or intermediate are depending on quantity to be treated.


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